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Audra Sora ~ My Character.- Knight Of Spades

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Audra Sora ~ My Character.- Knight Of Spades

Post  Audra Sora on Fri Jul 27, 2012 12:21 am

Name: Audra Sora
Age: 16
Weapons: Sword with a chain attached to it.
Court(Spade,Diamond,Clubs,or Hearts): Spades
Rank Within Court(Knight, King, Queen): Knight
Personality(Optional):Audra is very down to earth, can be fairly creative when it comes to fighting techniques, doesn't have an interest in meeting new people. She is well-organized, self-disciplined and is very sneaky, also careful. She is talkative when she's around a group of her closest friends, but very reserved when she is face to face with a fighting opponent/enemy. Aud is very harsh toward her enemies or people she doesn't know, and can be VERY rude and big-mouthed. She remains calm and relaxed even in tense situations.

Rp Example: Audra was perched on a tree branch, gazing at a young man who didn't seem to notice her, pushing off she fell down ontop of the fellow with the tip of her gold-colored sword edging into his skin. Pinning him down harshly, she smirked and began talking to him, "So, why exactly did you want to meet up here?". The teen boy answered back "Oh come on, I know very well that you've missed me, now get the god damned thing off of me!" he eyed the sharp object, and sighed with relief as she removed it from the skin of his neck. "Well, I wanted to be sure it was you." Audra's voice became soft all of a sudden, helping him off his back. "Who else do you know of that has purple hair like mine, Aud?", "No one" she replied back with a huff.
..Just gunna stop there o3o..
Audra Sora
Audra Sora

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Re: Audra Sora ~ My Character.- Knight Of Spades

Post  Eshe Paki on Fri Jul 27, 2012 8:56 am

Accepted o3o
Eshe Paki
Eshe Paki

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