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Zaochu Vyndal ; Knight of Spades ~Done~

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Zaochu Vyndal ; Knight of Spades ~Done~ Empty Zaochu Vyndal ; Knight of Spades ~Done~

Post  Zaochu Vyndal on Thu Jul 26, 2012 11:34 pm

Zaochu Vyndal ; Knight of Spades ~Done~ 2nav5vk


Zaochu Vyndal


19 Years


(No armor)

Zaochu is a young adult, with a figure that’s both pretty slim yet muscular. He’s usually wearing a white tank top (tightened; it reveals his abs beneath) as well as a semi-bright blue pair of pants made of jean cloth. On his feet, he’d be wearing either black dress shoes or running shoes. Because of a large portion of his skin being exposed, you’d see the tattoo that he has of a pretty large dragon. It starts on the back of his neck; that’s where the head is. Then, its arms/wings spin around the skin on his arms, ending at the spiked bands on his wrists. The back of the dragon ends on his…back mid-way. The dragon design with be as if it were a tribal tattoo.

On his head and right shoulder would be a black and dark grey bandana. The black bandana would be tied around his right shoulder, while the grey bandana would be tied around his forehead, the knot and a small portion of the bandana cloth hanging over his right eye. The small portion of this bandana would be seen over the places where his jet-black hair isn’t covering it.

Zao has a sort of boyish smile, which almost always seems to make the girls around him a little hypnotized for several moments. (Hehehe…c: ) He has both Italian and Japanese blood within him, but the accent he inherited from his father was his Italian accent. This accent of his adds to the reason why the women he nears are usually hypnotized.


Well…Zaochu’s armored appearance isn’t really that ‘armored.’ Whenever Zao is armored up, he usually wears a double-layered chestplate; a leather chestplate being the first over his shirt, while an iron chestplate is over the leather. His shoulders would most likely have shoulder-guards, which have some deadly spikes arranged on both of them. Around his waist would be his weapon belt; as well as a weapon strap fixed from his left shoulder to the right end of the belt; the weapons will be stated down below.

Sometimes, Zao would have iron padding arrange on his legs/jeans for protection, but it seems pretty rare. The same goes for when he wears the armor on his feet/shoes, and the Mohawk-spiked-style helmet that he has.

Now, this is VERY rare…but Zaochu can wear his fullbody armor set. This consists of:

-An upper body iron guard
-A lower body iron guard
-Shoulder guards; none for the arms
-An iron helmet

The set would usually have many small but deadly/painful spikes rested upon his shoulders, around the neck area of the torso guard, and along the middle of his helmet. There would be black/crimson flame markings upon the armor as well; to both show him that he can be as fierce as the flames of Hell, and to also add some good design.

This might be what he’d look like, excluding the armor laid across his arms. Though it seems slightly difficult to move in, Zaochu himself can move it it very easily, thinking that its bulk is ‘light’ in his mind.


-A dual set of black-bladed/crimson-handled katana (stashed on his weapon belt)
-A crossbow (stashed on the strap across his back)
-The spikes arranged on his shoulders/helmet (only if the armor is worn.)

Court (Spade, Diamond, Clubs, or Hearts):


Rank Within Court (Knight, King, Queen):



Zao’s personalities vary widely, and may be able to change very quickly. He can be:

To cut it short…he could have any personality, at any moment. It depends on the mood he’s in, like almost all other people.

(Dunno that much about The Game of Triumphs; just post if something’s wrong with the History or isn’t supposed to be there.)

Zaochu was born into an all-fighter family to Daistriux Vyndal and Tsyria Jandel. Both were Knights of the Spade Court, and wanting both Zaochu and his brother, Fylin, they trained their sons in the art of swordfighting. They both started their training at the pretty young age of nine years of age.

Zaochu built himself up to become strong and swift in his actions, but somehow being mentally broken and jumbled at the same time. As his training went on, his performance was both praised and scolded for, all because of the mood he was set on. If he was happy or sad unfortunately determined his combat performance. Fylin, however, continued with his training strong and steadily. Not only was he a complete brick, growing ‘immune’ to physical and mental pain (unless threats/harsh comments were brought upon his family), as he progressed within training.

After several years of continuous training, both Zaochu and Fylin were ready to be pitted against the Court. They faced a chain of challenges; ranging from taking down a simple test dummy, to nearly killing the Court’s best fighters in a duel. Both boys seemed to easily breeze through each of their challenges, finally reaching their way to the top. One thing stood in their ways, however…

Neither Daistriux nor Tsyria knew that if their sons happened to meet each other after their challenges, they’d have to have a final face-off to determine who really got into the Knights of Spades. They both argued with the King and Queen, trying to get both of their sons out of this. However, their arguing didn’t matter at the least. Both Zaochu and Fylin had to fight each other.

After a shake of the hands, the brothers commenced in combat. The battle between the two lasted for a few hours on end, soon ending after Fylin happened to stumble a bit. Seeing this as a wide, but painful opening, Zaochu used his dual blades to strike his kin down. While clashing his left blade into his brother’s, preventing him from striking him, Zao gave quick thrust with his right blade, stabbing it through Fylin’s left shoulder.

Seeing this as a good finish to the battle, the King commanded everything to be stopped at once. Zaochu was then the newest Knight in the court of Spades, while Fylin was sent off for more personal training. Through all the future years Zaochu spent, doing quests and such without his brother by his side, Fylin had been living on the sidelines as a rogue Knave.

(Again…I know nothing of TGOT at all. If the history happens to be invalid, I’ll either correct it or remove it.)

Rp Example:

Zaochu leaped and slashed rapidly, a scowl spread across his face as he noticed his target easily shifting about and dodging most of his strikes. The boy saw that he had inflicted a few small, but deep and somewhat bloody gashes upon the victim’s skin…but he just seemed to be full of energy still.

“You’re giving up already…?” the male opposer laughed, a devilish glint caught in his eyes. He sprinted forward, holding a double-handed axe to the side as he did. Seeing that he was just getting ready to swing when in close quarters, Zao decided to take a risky move. If he didn’t succeed in the following action, not only would he have failed this quest…but he’d most likely be headless as well.

Narrowed, sky-blue eyes kept an eye on his target as he quickly neared. Right before the axe-clad man swung his weapon, Zaochu leaned backwards, stationed his hand in the ground as an anchor, then swung himself around in an arc. His leg and foot wrung around, hooking the man’s ankle and causing him to trip over. The boy would’ve finished the fight right there and then, but the man was surprisingly quick, despite his bulky appearance.

Before he regained his balance, Zaochu had gained a good distance between himself and his target. He had a confident glare in his eyes…that is, until be felt a pierce of pain ripple through his right shoulder, spreading throughout his arm. The boy kneeled on the ground, anchoring his right hand into the ground as he grasped his shoulder painfully. He acted in a grimacing manner, emitting cries of pain as his target neared. Behind those cries was a bright, psychotic smirk.

As Zaochu’s target reached within around a yard in distance, he used his active arm (left arm) to chuck his left katana forward. It flew through the air, piercing into the man’s chest. He jerked suddenly, stepping backwards in both pain and shock. Taking this as an opening, Zao tore the knife from his shoulder and tried to ignore the pain he felt, whipping the crossbow on his back strap. He quickly aimed the weapon at the man, firing it into his face. As a result, he tipped over to the right, falling onto his side with an arrow stuck between his eyes.

“Tch…serves ya right, ya scum…” the young adult murmured, a mix of a psycho smirk and a scowl spread across his face. He walked over to the cadaver, sheathing his right katana and still gripping his shoulder painfully. His foot stepped on the figure’s chest, and he kept the body in place as he pulled his second blade from its flesh.
Zaochu Vyndal
Zaochu Vyndal

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Zaochu Vyndal ; Knight of Spades ~Done~ Empty Re: Zaochu Vyndal ; Knight of Spades ~Done~

Post  Eshe Paki on Fri Jul 27, 2012 8:51 am

Accepted Very Happy
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Zaochu Vyndal ; Knight of Spades ~Done~ Empty Re: Zaochu Vyndal ; Knight of Spades ~Done~

Post  Audra Sora on Fri Jul 27, 2012 4:27 pm

Dem abs >> <<
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Zaochu Vyndal ; Knight of Spades ~Done~ Empty Re: Zaochu Vyndal ; Knight of Spades ~Done~

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